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Tile Flooring Frisco TX

Tile flooring offers an array of benefits for both residential and commercial property owners. Definitely one of the most used floor options, tile floors come in different types, sizes and designs. The question is, would this be the right flooring choice for you?

Tile Flooring Frisco TX

Types of Tile Flooring in Frisco TX:

⋄ Ceramic – Possibly one of the most common one you’ll find today, ceramic tiles are made from clay and molded into a design. They come in two subtypes: glazed and unglazed. However, unglazed tiles are the ones mostly used for flooring due to their rougher and therefore safer surface because they are not as slippery.

⋄ Porcelain – These tiles come in different colors and are highly durable. They’re perfect for homes in damp weather because the tiles are very moisture resistant.

⋄ Cement – Cement tiles require a little maintenance after installation and are best installed by professionals due to the additional work involved. Sealing the cement tiles after installation is typically necessary in order for the tiles to remain durable and resistant to stains and moisture.

⋄ Brick – These tiles are very durable and offer a “cozy” feeling for many homeowners. Note though that they are best used for outdoor flooring such as patio areas due to their less than refined design. Durable and moisture resistant, brick tiles are designed to last a long time despite exposure to the elements.

Why choose tile flooring in Frisco TX?

⋄ Design Options – There are literally hundreds of possible tile design options to choose from, allowing you to find the best color and tile pattern that complements your home. There are basic solid colors as well as patterned ones, providing additional beauty to your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and any other room in your home.

⋄ Easy to Install – Possibly one of the biggest selling points of tile is the fact that it’s easy to install. With sufficient DIY background, you should be able to lay tiles in your home using minimum materials for the job. Or, you can opt to have a contractor design a unique pattern and install the tile flooring with the colors of your choosing.

⋄ Maintenance – Tiles are very easy to clean and, with proper maintenance, the tiles can last for decades without the need for replacement. Although deep stains may need professional cleaning services, homeowners can usually tackle most tile maintenance themselves, therefore saving on expenses.

⋄ Cost – Depending on the type of tiles you get, this flooring can be inexpensive to install and to maintain. When combined with radiant heat, they can also help homeowners keep the house “warm and toasty” throughout the winter months.

Tile flooring in Frisco TX is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s easily maintained and durable. As an added bonus, it is also a environmentally-friendly choice. And finally, a reminder that tile is not just for flooring…

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