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Fence Repair Frisco TX

Fence Repair Frisco TXWhether wooden or made of iron, fences are prone to damages. Constant exposure to sun, rain, hail, wind, and other elements can damage your fence. Damage can range from rust, rots, scratches, and dents to broken boards and split posts. Some damages may be caused by animals, fallen tree branches or motor vehicles that are accidentally (or intentionally) driven into the fence. But there is good news – no matter what the damage is, a fence contractor specializing in fence repair in Frisco TX can mend your damaged fence.

One of the biggest problems with wooden fences is rotting. Constantly changing and severe weather is one of the biggest factors why rotting happens. Another problem is pests such as termites – they can make nests inside the fences. When this happens, the fence usually rots even faster. One of the best ways to repair or prevent rotting is to paint the wooden fence. The paint protects the surface of the fence and, at the same time, prevents pests from burrowing to the wood. Another good idea to set the base of the fence in concrete to prevent it from rotting because soil seals in moisture which can lead to softening and rotting of the wood.

Your fence rails can also get dislodged or dented. One of the easiest and most effective ways of repairing dislodged rails is to use a 2×4 wood scrap or metal braces to reconnect the fence rails. When parts of the fence rails are starting to rot, it’s best to repair it before the other rails get affected. To do this, start by prying out the nails from the rotten fence rails. Then, remove the rotten fence rail and replace it with a new one. Make sure that it’s the same size and color.

For iron or wire fences, it’s best to spray an anti-rusting solution to prevent it from rusting. Wire fences tend to lean easily. To repair this, add more support to the wire fences by adding posts to the sections that are leaning.

There are some cases when the fence should not be repaired but completely replaced instead. If half (or more) of the fence rails are already damaged, remove and replace them instead. If the base of the fence is rotten, replace it. And finally, if you find that you are continually repairing your fence, replacing it with a new fence is more economical and practical in the long run.

It is recommended that you consult with a fence builder if a replacement or fence repair in Frisco TX is needed – even if you plan to do it yourself. Frisco Handyman is qualified to do a new fence installation, replacement and fence repair in Frisco TX and “We Are Here To Help You”. Call or contact us today and request your free assessment and estimate.

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